Available Cats

RETIREES: Sometimes breeders, for various reasons, have available an adult cat that is looking for its forever home. Financial members are able to list them here.

KITTENS: Members are also able to list available kittens here. They will be listed by breed and will be updated weekly. Members MUST advise when a kitten has been sold so it can be removed from the listing. If breeders do not notify us about the availability of their kittens, they will be deleted on a weekly basis. LITTERS will not be included – this is for individual kittens that are available.

RULES: Listings are only available for cats and kittens that have been DESEXED, MICROCHIPPED and VACCINATED. This forum is NOT for selling entire cats or kittens.

DISCLAIMER: Inclusion here does not constitute endorsement by Cats Queensland Inc. It merely confirms that the kittens and cats listed here are from one of our financial breeder members.


“Sassy” – Desexed Female – DOB 25/10/2014
“Hannah” – Desexed Female – DOB 30/10/2015
Contact: Chris – 0417 370 045
E-mail: jovelles@gmail.com


“Dusty” – Chocolate Silver Tabby Desexed Male – 7 months old
“Silver Surprise” – Black Silver Tipped Tabby Desexed Male
E-mail: seki@hotmail.com.au
For more contact information, click here.

“Mocha or Coco” – Chocolate Point Desexed Female – 4 months old
“Toy Tyger” – Seal Tabby Point Desexed Male
“Cassandra” – Seal Point Desexed Female
“Jessica” – Chocolate Tabby Point Desexed Female
E-mail: seki@hotmail.com.au
For more contact information, click here.