Terminology On Pedigrees

PET ONLY  – This means that the  breeder DOES NOT want the kitten / cat to be shown at all,  not even in companion class.

NTBTAE – This means the breeder has sold the kitten or cat entire, for breeding, but does not want the cat sold on as a breeding cat – the cat MUST BE DESEXED before being rehomed again. [Not To Be Transferred Again Entire]

SHOW / BREEDING – The kitten / cat has been sold for breeding and is also allowed to be shown. Breeders can shoose to select just one of those – Just for breeding or just for show.

FEMALE / MALE / ALTER FEMALE / ALTER MALE – Breeders. please select the correct sex description for the kittens you are registering. If they have been desexed already, please include the word ALTER after their sex designation. If they have not been desexed, then you cannot put alter.