Cats Queensland Media Policy Effective Immediately

Cats Queensland has implemented a Media Policy that comes into effect immediately. All exhibitors at Cats Queensland shows are bound by this policy. Please read carefully and ensure you don’t breech this policy.

“CQI prohibits the uploading of show results, images, comments pertaining to show procedures, show management, results, Judges or Judge’s comments to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. until the close of show and official results have been finalized.

Failure to comply will result in the disqualification of the up-loader’s [either by self of proxy] entries and the forfeiture of any points accrued during the course of the show.”

UTH Change

As of the Curly Coats show (April 2015) CQi will now be implementing the following change to the UTH rule.”Any cat that shows aggression towards people, particulary any cat that bites or deliberately scratches someone, is to be automically declared UNABLE TO BE HANDLED (UTH). There is to be no further judging of the cat on the day and a sign should be displayed and the owner notified. Any cat that is ruled UTH must not be removed from its cage until it is transferred to its carry cage to go home. Any cat that is declared UTH is suspended from the show bench for 3 months. If the cat is declared (UTH) again, it will be permantely disqualified (from CQI shows) for life. However, any aggressive drawing of blood is automatically given a life ban even if it’s the cats first offence.”