Carolynn Davis ~ Groups 1, 2, 3 [S] Tutor Judge

(07) 4637 0058   0434 658 528    

P.O Box 9050
Wilsonton, Qld 4350

Breed Interests: Devon Rex, Foreign White Longhair, Burmese, Balinese, Persian, Russian Blue and Oriental Longhair.

Judging: National and International All Breeds Judge.

I am a current member of the Exotic Cat Club of Qld Inc and the Curly Coats Cat Club of Qld Inc. I am Secretary of CQI, as well as a member of the Tutor Judges Panel.
I have been involved in the cat world since I was very young as my parents bred British S/H, Persians and Exotics. Over the years I found myself wanting to breed as well so, at 15 I obtained my first prefix Nikiska and bred solid Persians.

I can remember the days of the closed shows, where everyone was locked out during judging and only allowed back in when the Judges had finished in the afternoon, to find out whether your prized “puss” had done you proud.

I do enjoy the open shows as well though, where the Judges comment on the exhibits as they go – makes for an exciting day.

I have been a successful breeder, having bred a Group 3 Kitten of Year (CCCA Ch. BDGC Nevaska Dream Start – Devon Rex) as well as several Best of Breed Exhibits of Year with the Devon Rex.

I currently own CCCA GC Sil DGC Amarin Moonlight Sinatra – Foreign White Longhair, Jovelles Cleopatra – Burmese and Companion of Honor Maximum Mischief – my beautiful companion.