Compulsory Desexing

As of July 1st, 2017, all kittens born AFTER that date, and being sold as PETS, are required to be desexed.  Only kittens being transferred to registered breeders, who are members of a recognized registering body, will have their Application for Registration processed. Breeders must provide the registering body of the breeder, their prefix and their member number, so that verification can be done.

This decision will not affect many of our Registered Breeders – the majority already carry out early desexing so will not have to do anything different except we would ask that your vet provide a certificate of desexing for all kittens – with their microchip numbers included.

While CQI recognize that there are risks with any surgery, kittens that have achieved 1kg in weight are considered safe to desex. Council is compiling a list of vets around the state that practise early desexing. Should you need these details, please contact Council and we will do our best to assist you to access one.