End of Year Raffle Draw

A video of the recent End of Year raffle draw for Cat of the Year will be shown here soon.

The winner of the first selection from our fabulous End Of Year raffle was: DRUM ROLL……

Janine Franklin who chose the 1/2 pallet of Kitter litter – congratulations!!!

Second prize – the fabulous scratching pole kindly sponsored by Derek of Aussieposhpaws Bengals was won by:……

Maureen King-Turner. Lucky you!!!!

Third prize which is the Genetics book by Dr Kerry Fowler called MEOW – A Genetic Concert for Cats was won by:…..

Ian Honour. It’s a great read, jam packed with information. Lucky you.

Thank you to everyone who supported the raffle throughout the year.  Have a safe and happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year from the Management team of Cats Qld Inc.

Compulsory Desexing

As of July 1st, 2017, all kittens born AFTER that date, and being sold as PETS, are required to be desexed.  Only kittens being transferred to registered breeders, who are members of a recognized registering body, will have their Application for Registration processed. Breeders must provide the registering body of the breeder, their prefix and their member number, so that verification can be done.

This decision will not affect many of our Registered Breeders – the majority already carry out early desexing so will not have to do anything different except we would ask that your vet provide a certificate of desexing for all kittens – with their microchip numbers included.

While CQI recognize that there are risks with any surgery, kittens that have achieved 1kg in weight are considered safe to desex. Council is compiling a list of vets around the state that practise early desexing. Should you need these details, please contact Council and we will do our best to assist you to access one.

Amendment to CQI Code of Ethics

THERE HAS BEEN A CHANGE TO THE CODE OF ETHICS. Please see the 2017 document on the forms page. Changes are in red – in the Breeder’s Code of Ethics section. This change mainly focuses on microchipping of kittens and cats and the emphasis on the early desexing of kittens. Please ensure you read the document in its entirety and carefully to ensure you understand your responsibilities as a Cats Queensland Inc Registered Breeder.

Addition to Show Rules 2017

There has been an addition to the CQI show rules to better explain the “PET ONLY” designation on pedigrees. Also, an additional show rule has been issued which relates to showing cats in companion classes that have previously been shown in the pedigree section. Both additions are in red.

Terminology On Pedigrees

PET ONLY  – This means that the  breeder DOES NOT want the kitten / cat to be shown at all,  not even in companion class.

NTBTAE – This means the breeder has sold the kitten or cat entire, for breeding, but does not want the cat sold on as a breeding cat – the cat MUST BE DESEXED before being rehomed again. [Not To Be Transferred Again Entire]

SHOW / BREEDING – The kitten / cat has been sold for breeding and is also allowed to be shown. Breeders can shoose to select just one of those – Just for breeding or just for show.

FEMALE / MALE / ALTER FEMALE / ALTER MALE – Breeders. please select the correct sex description for the kittens you are registering. If they have been desexed already, please include the word ALTER after their sex designation. If they have not been desexed, then you cannot put alter.