Registration Rule Update

CQI has always required our breeders to register all of their kittens with us. This rule has not changed. All breeders should be aware that this is a requirement of being a member of Cats Queensland Inc. Breeders found to be in breach of this rule may face disciplinary action. One of the possible outcomes of such action could be the revocation of their membership with this Association.

UTH (Banned for Life) / UTJ

UTH [Unable To Handle] and UTJ [Unable to Judge]. At the last meeting of Cats Qld Inc, it was agreed that we should amend the description of UTH, which is the worst category of injury from a cat, to BFL – this translates to BANNED FOR LIFE.If an exhibit aggressively bites or scratches at a show, any show personnel or judge, the cat will be classified as BFL. This means that the cat can never be shown again. This information would then be shared with CCCA and ACF so the ban would be Australia wide!

If BFL is allocated to any exhibit, the exhibitor will be required to read and sign a letter detailing what has happened and the outcome. This will clearly state that the exhibit is BFL so there is no doubt about the category being used.

Unable to Judge could be something like the cat refuses to be taken from the cage but is not agressive.

Occasionally minor injuries occur that may not be the fault of the cat – it is up to the Judge’s discretion which category they choose to use for each particular circumstance.