Some Prices for Services Have Changed

SOME PRICES FOR SERVICES HAVE CHANGED. The cost of registering a litter kitten has risen to $6 each. Alterations to pedigrees for titles, desexing, transfers etc are now $6 each. Most forms have been updated with the new prices. MEMBERSHIPS HAVE NOT GONE UP.

There is also a new POSTAGE levy which has been imposed alongside these changes. A charge of $3 per litter needs to be included when sending in your paperwork. If you have additional litters, postage will  be dependent on how many pages need to be posted in the one envelope. Please add $1 per additional litter being sent in the one envelope. So, one litter = $3. 2 Litters in the same processing = $4. Three litters processed at the same time = $5 etc.

PLease check the postage information that will follow and will detail all costs.